Posted by: selenafulton | April 6, 2011

Hello world!

A new blogger has been born. Welcome to my page. Please be patient as I learn…



  1. Hi Selena,
    Wonderful opening to your new blog! Loved the visual as it reminded me of my own graduation from college….soooo many years ago. I don’t remember if anyone was on crutches but I did wear slacks under the robe but pulled up the pant legs so they didn’t show. Yes, we were a bit rebelious back then, too. I remember beer was involved, but that may have been at the family BBQ afterwards. Keep on sharing your experiences here on your blog. It’s a life journal, so to speak, and your cyber-family will grow and grow. Hugs!

  2. Selena,
    What a neat beginning for your new blog. I love the colors and pix–blues are one of my favorites. I recall my graduations–even my last when a lot of my colleagues weren’t showing up. I figured I did all that work, by golly I was walking across that stage. (My husband really wanted me too, also.) I had a fellow teacher later who used to hide a paperback book in her sleeve and pull it out once she sat down. (Faculty were required to attend grad exercises.)

    Good luck with your blog!

  3. Magna Cum Laude. I am so impressed. She must take after her mother! Congratulations to both mom and daughter. You have something to be so proud of. June Foster

  4. Great start! Looks very professional and what you say catches at my heart.

  5. Hi Selena,

    Your new blogsite is lovely. Your header pic really caught my eye – though I don’t get much sun exposure these days, there’s nothing I like better than looking at the water.

    Everyone does have a story, or two or three. My fervent hope is that I don’t run out of stories!

    Your FCRW pal,

    Maggie Toussaint

  6. Hmmm. Not sure if my post went to moderation or if wordpress ate it. In any case, I’ll try again. If you get a double post, I apologize.

    Selena – I love your header picture. There’s nothing l love better than watching the surf meet the sand.

    You commented that everyone has a story. I agree. We all have a story or two up our sleeves. My fervent hope is that I don’t run out of stories!

    Your FCRW pal,

    Maggie Toussaint

  7. Selena: Nicely done!

  8. Hey Selena,

    Love your blog it is very nice. I pray that Harliequin recieves your work well and pubs it.


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