Posted by: selenafulton | May 8, 2011

Mothers, Brides, and Family

Yesterday, I went to a bridal shower. The bride is young and shy, and engaged to my nephew. She will soon become a member of my family and I hope to get to know her better. I pray she and my nephew will have a long and happy marriage.

My sister-in-law put on a beautiful party for the occassion. The food was great and the games were fun. But the best part for me? Watching her face when she received her early Mother’s Day gift, which was delivered during the shower.

Her daughter came home from college for a surprise visit. The eyes of all the mothers in the room misted. My heart burst with happiness for my sister-in-law because I understood her deep joy at hugging her daughter on Mother’s Day weekend.

As my own mother battles with cancer, I am reminded how our life is but a vapor on this earth and how precious relationships are. Cherish your family while they are here. They are God’s gift to us. I know I became a better daughter when I became a mother.


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