Posted by: selenafulton | January 9, 2012


This weekend marks change in my family. Mom died on January 7, 2012. It was no surprise, she’d fought cancer for over a year. Ironic how she died almost a year to the day she began her first chemo treatment.

Mom was a fighter, and she never intended to lose this battle against cancer. She entered a research study and was quite proud that whatever happened, she was instrumental in finding a cure. Even when Hospice was called, she told them she would beat this thing.

My brother and sister in law, me and my husband, and my dad stayed by her side all of Friday, but she died when we had all fallen asleep. Dad says “she snuck out”.

This past year was hard, but not all sad. She was able to see her grandson get married, and her two granddaughters become engaged. She shared my excitement when I received two contracts for two different stories. She saw my first ever cover, and loved it.

While I miss her like crazy, my entire family does, it hurt us to watch her suffer. Cancer is such a horrendous disease.

So, I share this photo, taken a couple of years ago. Before cancer ravaged her body and made her disappear. Before death came. My parents were married 53 wonderful years. They are why I write romance.



  1. Beth, Your final comments about your mom are touching. Celebrating the good things about her life. Blessings to you. June

    • Thank you, June. I miss her terribly.

  2. What a wonderful woman she was, and how fortunate you all were to be able to be with her — even if she did sneak away when you were all asleep! After all, she knew of your love already.

    But how hard it is to have them gone. My mother died 12 years ago now, and I still have the impulse to turn and talk to her. I guess she’s just embedded in me, body and soul. And one of the greatest blessings we both have is the privilege of knowing our mothers when we were grown women, and could add genuine friendship to the years of dependent love.

    A wonderful blog — thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, not only was she my mom, but my friend. I miss our talks already. But she was also a writer and I am getting ll her notes, unfinished stories, etc. We were working on one together that I need to finish too.

      So her legacy will live on.

  3. Oh, Selena. *HUGS*

    Such a beautiful picture of your parents. And I love how they’ve inspired you to write romance.

    • You can almost see the little hearts coming from them, can’t you?

  4. Beth,

    You are a living testimony of the wonderful person she truely was to your family and those that knew her. I do understand your pain and how you must miss her daily as I too do miss my mom that pasted in 2003. It’s hard and I dream about her a lot and they are so real, that when I wake up I think I can still call her. But as soon as reality sinks in and I wake completely up, I then realize it was all a dream and she’s gone. I know its been almost 10 years come 21 Jan 2013 but it seems like it was just yesterday that she was here with us. I charrish the time I had with her but wish I realized sooner as a young adult just what I had with her as I once thought she would be here always.

    Beth, you charrish I’m sure the time you had and those years of memories. This is what will help see you through the hard days ahead. The tears and laughter you all shared through the years as you remember her is what you will always have to keep you strong and smiling. Know that we are praying for you and your family in these hard times. That God will strengthen and encourage you always.

    With all our love,

  5. What a lovely tribute. I bet every mother on earth would consider her job well done if her children could say the same.

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