Posted by: selenafulton | February 9, 2012

The Next Stage

Well, the “new year” is already 1/12 over. Times does fly, doesn’t it?

Since December 10, I have been totally dependent upon my husband with this pesky broken wrist. I had surgery for the first time (and I hope the last), and have endured pins in my arm. Let me tell you what I’ve learned about pins…

1) Even though my friends already think I’m a little dingie, I will literally set off metal detectors now. Permanently.

2) No matter how soft your blankets are, getting your pins tangled in them HURTS!

3) And lastly, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

As much as I hated having pins in my wrist though, I dreaded the removal process more. I was blissfully under anesthesia when three pins and an appliance were installed into my arm to stabilize and heal the break, but there was no mention of anesthesia for the removal! I knew it was going to hurt, but I had no idea how bad. And let me tell you, I literally screamed and cried. I think it hurt more than the original break!

For the last two months, my husband has had to do everything and I am so grateful for him. He’s been my caregiver, my chaueffer, and the housekeeper. He cleaned my pins meticulously and kept me infection free. Without him, I couldn’t dress myself (still can’t), or even open a gallon of milk. He’s been wonderful, and I am thankful for him. Think about simple daily activities like taking a shower, washing your hair. I can barely stand to hold a shirt in my right hand, the weight is too much. Pick up a bottle of shampoo and apply it? Not happening.


My grand adventure does not end now that my pins are out. As I enter the next stage, occupational therapy, two weeks have passed and I am anxious to get back to normal. I must strengthen and stretch tendons and muscles that haven’t moved for two months. I was frustrated when I couldn’t open my hand. But I kept pushing. Several of the functional activities appeal to me. Typing and stringing beads. Here’s what I made this week.

I’ve missed my independence, and I’m anxious to recover. The doc wants me to be able to make a fist and straighten out my hand. I’m 8 days ahead of schedule!

Oh yes, I’m very anxious.


  1. Beth, I’m glad to hear about your progress. I feel so sorry for you — everything you’ve gone through, but I know the Lord can use all things for good. See you on the 18th. June

  2. Happy to hear you’re doing so well. Good job on the bracelet. It’ll all be memory before long.

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