Posted by: selenafulton | May 25, 2012


To the non-writer, once an author types THE END, they say, “Congratulations, you finished!” Not exactly.

I finished the first draft on my fairytale, The Crystal Slipper. It was a thrilling experience as I’ve never tried to write a fairytale. I also wrote this manuscript in less time than ever before. Then I discovered I already missed my characters.

Not to fear! The editing and critiquing process has begun. I must reel in rabbit trails and correct timelines. Make sure the hero’s eyes are always the same color, and other crazy things that happen when you write a book. Before an author can submit, a manuscript needs to be polished and edited. You know that sick feeling you get when you buy the dress of your dreams and find out the next week it went on sale at half price? That’s how I feel if I submit a query or partial and discover plot holes or misspelled words!

So, how do you know your manuscript is truly finished? My answer is…when it’s published!

So next time you read a book, or watch a movie, when you come to the last page or last scene and you see the tiny words THE END, be reminded that it was much more than typing words on a page. What you see is a culmination of much work long after the first draft is done.


  1. You think it’s over, then you reread it and discover it’s only just begun. I get to the point where I’m so sick of my characters sometime I want to toss it. But after a month of absense, the heart really does grow fonder.

    • Yes, Kathyrn, but I have some awesome critique partners that keep me in line. 😉

  2. “For Right Now”

  3. Yeah, I’m at that place too… Typed THE END on Tuesday, now the work begins. Hope to be somewhat close by Monday.

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