Posted by: selenafulton | June 14, 2012


Crybaby. A derogatory comment someone makes to insult another. But if you stop and think, why exactly do babies cry? They cry because they are hungry, or thirsty, or sleepy, or…you get the idea. They have a physical need and they cry.

As we grow older, a new reason to cry comes into the mix. Happy tears, sad tears. We witness life with our young eyes. We see relationships torn apart, relationships mend. Sometimes we cry tears of frustration or tears of anger.

As an author, it is my job to let the reader feel what the characters feel. I want them to laugh, to cry. I want them to wince when my hero gets hurt, and giggle when something funny happens. An author must I must understand emotions, what causes them, and how to use them to make the story three-dimensional.

Adults sometimes cry because they care. The scene of a soldier kissing his bride, a father seeing his baby for the first time always brings tears to my eyes. The love is written all over their faces and it’s beautiful.

I am a crier. Not because I am weak, although some might see it as such. I cry because I feel. I cry because I care. When I cry during movies, it’s because I’ve put myself into those characters.  I cried when I saw Where the Red Fern Grows when the dog crawled onto the grave. I had just lost a dear friend, and understood the loss, the bone crushing pain of losing someone you love.

I cried tears of anguish the day I found out Mom had cancer. I sobbed when she died. But I also cried happy tears when I landed my first book contract and the day my beautiful daughter got married.

So don’t look down at someone with disdain the next time you see someone cry. You don’t know what burden they carry or the capacity of their love.



  1. Ditto what Selena said. And some people have huge hearts to store their tears so they don’t upset their loved ones. When I see a stranger crying, I have been known to approach them and ask if I could help, or give them a hug. There has been several occasions when I could not help crying in public, and other strangers have comforted me. God is in everyone.

    • My dear friend. You have a lovely, generous heart.

  2. How TRUE! And how beautiful. I just cried recently when my father in law passed away. He was a sweetie. The Lord took our family out of our hectic lives for a couple of weeks and told us to look toward Him and hug each other. And we did a lot of good crying.

    • Hugs to you and your family, Mary.

  3. How many times I was teased for being quick to tear. But you’re right, wearing your heart on your sleeve, sometimes is just the person you are.

    • I agree, Lynn. Thanks for dropping by.

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