Posted by: selenafulton | June 25, 2012


This past week, I experienced something I’d been waiting for…for a lifetime. My novella, Never Let Go was released on and

I admit it. I waited with bated breath, checking the websites frequently. Is it up yet? When?

Then…it appeared.

My heart beat in my throat as I watched my cover materialize on the computer screen. My story, my baby if you will, out there for everyone to see.

I emailed all my friends…guess what? It’s there! We chattered excitedly on the phone. Friends who have known me almost all my life were happy for me.

And then the week was over. The hard part begins, the real work of being an author. Marketing. Promoting. Face it, your friends and family will buy your book because they love you. But the real test is how many readers can you find. People who don’t know you, but fall in love with your characters, your story, and then tell their friends.

The easy part of writing a book…is the writing…


  1. Amen Sister Selena – welcome to the marketing phase. I told someone at work that writing a book has four parts – writing and editing, then selling to someone, then editing again – and finally, selling to your readers.

  2. Congratulations, Selena!!! Your story sounds so interesting, I know you are going to find an audience. 🙂

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