Posted by: selenafulton | July 5, 2012


ImageSummertime…and the livin’ is easy….

Growing up, we loved summer, and this old song was one of my favorites. It’s sultry and beautiful. Summertime makes me think of my aunt’s sweet lemonade, grilled hamburgers, potato salad, cold juicy slices of watermelon, and trips to the lake. As a child the livin’ truly did seem easy in the summertime, going outside with the morning dew on my bare feet, with no schedules to keep.

With Independence Day over, the next holiday is Labor Day. In Indiana, summertime is short and something to be thoroughly enjoyed. The long lazy days are deceiving as they speed by in the blink of an eye, filled with the smells of freshly cut grass, suntan lotion, and the musty smell of wet bathing suits.

And the sounds of summer…gone are the sounds of school bus laboring by. It’s replaced with the sounds lawnmowers going, blue jays calling, and the low sound of an outboard motor as a fisherman goes out in the morning mist.

What are your memories of summer?


  1. Growing up in the Bronx, I remember long hot days playing with my friends. Skully and Kick the Can were popular games we played in the street. My family had a pool, so we had a lot of fun with that, too, and would invite friends to join us. And on really, really hot days, someone would turn on the fire hydrant on the corner and we would all play in that. I remember waiting for dusk to fall, which signaled the arrival of the ice cream truck. Loved Mr. Softee’s chocolate cones with rainbow sprinkles!

    • What neat memories. Mine were more rural.

  2. I have mixed feelings about growing-up summers. The good: packing picinic lunches and going for long walks with my friends, summer storms that blew up quick, blew (and lightning-ed hard), then blew off just as quicklly, lying out beneath a tree, writing my stories.

    The bad: huge gardens (we lived in the country) and canning, canning, canning. Especially tomato juice, which Mom was great at making. She would freeze a few things, but she and my dad really preferred the taste of home-canned veggies.

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