Posted by: selenafulton | July 20, 2012

Clean, Shiny and Sparkly!

I like clean and shiny…and sparkly. If I had to choose between pearls and lace (all fine and good by the way) and gold and diamonds…you guessed it. I’m a gold and diamonds kind of girl.

My house is no different. I love the smell of clean sheets, lemon oil, and Lysol. I love the way crystal sparkles and the rich warm glow of wood. Of course, those items must also be maintained to stay pretty and sparkly. And if you’ve been following my blog since December, you know I broke my wrist and life in our house has been a bit awry since.

Since I live in Florida, I usually do my “spring cleaning” before the holidays. It’s cooler then. Besides, I’m moving things around to decorate. Why not kill two birds with one stone and do the really deep cleaning I’d put off for (cough…cough…) too long.

On the morning of December 10, I had stuck the artificial tree on the stand in the corner of the living room, pulled out the boxes of Christmas things, the vacuum cleaner, etc. I was ready to give my house the sparkly clean it deserved and make everything all festive. I needed festive. Mom was in Hospice and I was having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Then I went to my chapter’s Christmas party and the mall. Graceful to a fault, I fell and broke my wrist.

Let’s just say…the tree didn’t get decorated, the cleaning didn’t get done, and I was happy to get the pins out of my arm at the end of January. My pitiful undecorated tree finally left the corner of the living room in February when I dragged it out with one hand and begged my husband to put it away.

During this time, my husband was great. He took care of my every need. He took over the grocery shopping, cooking and laundry. He bathed me, dressed me, except he made it plain he didn’t do hair. And I have thick, curly hair. Ack!

I had to learn to do everything with my left hand. I was humbled and helpless. Even eating was a chore. So with him doing so many things for me, how could I complain about a little dust? Or sticky floors. Or the way he did dishes. Or dirty mirrors…you get the picture.

Here it is July and my wrist is still not back 100%. I hope to build back my strength and flexibility. But today I couldn’t stand it any longer. I washed all the mirrors in my house. A large undertaking since the people who had this house before us put up mirrored doors for every single closet!

Here’s to clean, shiny and sparkly! Maybe I’ll polish the furniture today too…


  1. Wow. Having been through all that with you (even more with you when I had my knee surgery in January, I understand the challenge. Hurray for shiny mirrors!

  2. Kudos to your hubby for all his help! I’m glad your wrist is on the mend and you are ready bring all the sparkle back to your house. 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone!

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