Posted by: selenafulton | July 24, 2012


On my computer is a game called Spider Solitaire. Okay, I admit it. I’m one of those who plays this game. When my husband came back to say hi to me, as he often does, he found me playing the stupid game and raised an eyebrow.”I thought you were working on your story,” he said suspiciously.

Truth is, sometimes I play the game while I am working out a plot scene in my head. Really.

But as I’ve played multiple games, I’ve discovered a pattern. I believe every game is winnable. It is always the same deck of cards, the same number of Kings and Aces in each game. Only the order is different.

This made me think deeper thoughts, like how in life we sometimes get what we call bad breaks. We lose a job. A spouse leaves us. We have a car accident. If only we had done something different, we say. If only we had a second chance.

I meditated on this, playing hand after hand of Spider Solitaire. Some hands are simple. Some seem to confound us. But have you ever played the same hand over? One subtle change, one different move can mean success or failure.

Such as it is in life. We have choices. Sometimes there is more than one fork in the road. Sometimes we are inexperienced, or swayed by others, or we simply don’t see the road we are supposed to take because it’s hidden by underbrush.

But each choice we make has a designated path. Sometimes we make a detour and when we discover our error, we can change our mind and get back on track. Some paths never allow us to change our direction.

Every choice has a consequence.

As I tried to prove my point with a particularly difficult hand of solitaire, I was so close. But alas, I made a choice, an accident really. I clicked the little X and my research for today went away.

What choices are on your plate today?


  1. hummm..have you been looking over my shoulder? I, too, play Spider Solitare & when Ray comes in here, he just shakes his just don’t understand how we think.. LOL..

  2. Choices. To go insane, or stand my ground and keep fighting this wicked, wicked world until I die from exhaustion instead of succumbing to insanity?

    We may have a choice about a lot of things regarding life, but do we have the same choices when it comes to our more delicate mental health? How many ugly, vicious demons do I have to slay before I can rest and catch my breath?

    Why do some people seem to have all the good luck, and others have all the bad? If only I felt as if I HAVE choices to make. Alas, I feel I always have one path, and one path only: the path to pain and anguish, heart break and misery.

    But I have weapons against this wicked world, my grandbabies. They are my shining light at the end of the dark tunnel, the roses growing in the fork in the road, my reason for rising each day to buckle my armor and grab my shield and slay the demons lurking around every corner.

    God save us from this crazy world.

    • Sherrie,

      Times are very tough out there, my friend, but I am glad you are blessed with your precious grandbabies. They say the darkest hour is just before dawn.

      Praying for a beautiful new dawn in your life.

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