Posted by: selenafulton | August 14, 2012

Leaving it better than you found it.

Growing up, my parents took us camping. Some campsites were lovely. Others had trash strewn around. My mom would always tell my brother and I to clean up the trash. If we ever complained, she would tell us it was our job to leave our campsite “better than we found it”.

This week, I was dogsitting for my dad. As I stayed in his house, I saw little things. His house needed a little TLC. So I started cleaning. He had already told me to eat whatever I wanted while I dogsat, and I did. But while he was on his way back, I went to the grocery and restocked the fridge.

As I happily cleaned the house, I thought about Mom and how she always wanted us to leave our mark on the world, but not in a negative way. I don’t always succeed, but I do try to leave a positive imprint in this world. A helpful hand or an encouraging word can go a long way.

So how are you doing it? How do you make sure wherever you go that you have left things better than you found it?


  1. excellent blog. Since I couldn’t come up with an immediate list of things I did to make things better than before I was there, it made me sit down an think about it. I’m starting today with that attitude and smile on my face. I’m actually excited to see what I can accomplish. Thanks!

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