Posted by: selenafulton | September 12, 2012


I’m tring something new today, linking my blog with Twitter. I have no idea what kind of response this will generate…

With all the social media networks out there, it is sometimes a fine line between marketing and annoying your friends and acquaintances. How do you draw the fine line between marketing and annoying?

I spoke with my father this morning about this subject. A mutual friend of ours was blasting our timelines with a marketing scheme. For me, I understood what she was doing and ignored her posts. She had done this before and her blitz usually died down after a day or two.

For my father, who is only beginning to dip his toe into the social media world so he can keep up with his grandkids, this annoyed him.

So how much is too little? How much is too much?

I’m afraid I tend to err on the side of too little. I know how it feels to be blitzed with promotions I’m not interested in. When I tried to sell insurance, I usually felt bad about the price of the policy. I also sold Avon for seven years. Some things sell themselves, other things need to be pushed. Perfume and jewelry is fun. Life insurance? Not so much. So how does one balance the fine art of marketing a book?

As a writer, I am much more comfortable with the spoken word than I am about getting in front of a crowd, but I also am learning about Twitter, Goodreads, and other medias where I can promote my book. Do people really want to know about my ramblings enough to tune into my blog regularly? What is it they expect from a blog or a tweet?

It’s a bit of an oxymoran to me. I’m not particularly good at sales.

So next time you receive multiple posts on your timeline and want to toss that person out of your life, consider that marketing is sometimes a new and possibly difficult task for some of us. Be patient with us as we learn and grow. As a writer who hopes to publish many more books, you will be seeing more of me. I will learn the ropes of marketing and how to balance promotion with less annoyance.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on promotion. How do you feel when people post on your wall about their book, new product, etc? Are you annoyed or interested? What grabs your attention?

Oh, and while I have your attention, my novella is available at

Pass the word!



  1. There sure is a heck of a lot to think about! Thanks for giving me more to ponder.

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