Posted by: selenafulton | October 18, 2012

There’s Dreamin’ and Then There’s Working For the Dream

Okay, I’m late with my post this week. I think I’ve missed a couple of weeks. I’m sorry, I’ve been writing.

But other exciting things happened too.

A few weeks ago was an exciting time for my local chapter, First Coast Romance Writers. The debut novel for one of our members, Valerie Bowman, came out. She talked about her book, Secrets of a Wedding Night, on local television and radio.

As I watched her on television, tears of joy streamed down my face. Valerie is one of the success stories that we all aspire to achieve.

But the road to publication takes more than wishing, although having the vision and dream are an important beginning. It takes more than writing an excellent novel, although that’s important too. After an author puts in all the time into writing and editing their novel comes the hard part. They have to submit their “baby” to critique partners, contest judges, editors and agents. Over and over again. They get rejected. They don’t final in contests. Sometimes they’re even told to give up writing.

Back to my friend Valerie and others like her. Did she just wish it and make it so? No. Valerie had a plan. Those in my chapter were fortunate to hear her workshop on her plan too. In her own words, she told us she wanted to publish and publish big. She studied her craft, entered contests, volunteered at our local chapter, and worked hard to realize her dream. She made goals, polished her baby and got an agent, then got a contract, and now holds her book in her hands.

What a thrill.

Dreaming without hard work is just a dream. Don’t lay around dreaming. Get to work. Put in the tears and sweat and long hours. And you will see the fruit of your labors.

Kudos to my chaptermate Valerie Bowman. I predict this lady is going places. And I’m proud to call her my friend.


  1. Everybody needs a friend like you!

  2. Valerie is indeed a fantastic role model. Like you, I am so glad to know her and predict she will go far in this business because she is more than willing to put the work in. And her book is wonderful. I’m already looking forward to the next one! 🙂

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