Posted by: selenafulton | October 31, 2012

Because I’m Better than a Bug

I’m sorry, dear followers. I haven’t posted in a while. Truth is, I recently had a rejection and it kind of had me bugged.

I was so sure of it. I counted down the weeks when the editor said she’d get back to me. And then the email came. I liked your story but…

Everyone experiences rejection, but for writers it can be especially bad. We work for weeks, months, even years to produce our “baby”. It takes gumption to finish, it takes nerve to submit. And then we wait.

I usually allow myself a day to get over the sting. And this was a “good” rejection, as far as rejections go. The editor gave me pointers, what she had issues with, what she’d like to see. And…she is willing to give it a second look after I’ve made these changes. Not a no, more like a not now, not like it is.

Some might give up after a rejection. As I thought to write a blog about rejection, I thought of how sometimes people give up way too easily, which reminded me of something that happened long ago. When we were first married, we lived in an apartment that was not sealed well. And if you’ve ever been to Florida, you know about a creature called the Palmetto Bug. These bugs don’t need much of a crack to get in, and like I said, this apartment had tons of holes.

I got lazy one day and captured one on my kitchen counter with a glass. Those things can live for days without food or water. I got bored with my little experiment and decided to finally kill it. I had a sink full of dish water and decided I’d drown it. (I can’t stand to hear the way they crunch!)

I waited until the bug crawled to the base of the glass – because I didn’t want it flying at me – and then quickly put it in the water. The funny thing that amazed me was as soon as it saw no way out, it didn’t wait for me to lift the glass. It ran straight into the water and raced to its death.

It gave up.

Will this rejection make me give up? Heck no! Writing is something I love. Stories are always in my head, churning. And besides, I’m better than a bug.

How do you deal with the rejections in your life? Are YOU better than a bug?

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