Posted by: selenafulton | February 27, 2013

When Pigs Fly

Okay, I admit. I haven’t blogged in HOW long??

But I’ve been hard at work in my writing cave. I’m working on something new, a romantic suspense, and am very excited about finishing it. I’m about 3/4 of the way done. And when the words are flowing, I hate to stop for anything. Eating. Sleeping. Everything. Including blogging.

Anyway, I have this silly little thing in my window. I don’t even remember who gave it to me.


The way it works is when the sunlight hits it, the little wings go up and down. Well, I didn’t think it worked. I’d shined a flashlight on it to test it, and–nothing. So I stuck it in my window for lack of a better place to put it…because apparently sometimes…I am a hoarder.

So I was busy working on my manuscript and heard this sound. It seeped into my consciousness, annoying me until I had to find out what was causing it. I turned to find the cause. There in my windowsill, little piggy was flapping like crazy.

What do you know? Pigs DO fly!


  1. Beth, that’s so funny. Also, it’s great to know you’re in sunny Florida where sunshine CAN come in through your windows.

    • June, we had a couple of rainy days where it came down kitties and puppies, but the weather is going to turn colder again one more time again. I think.

      I’m ready for spring!

  2. I came out of my cave to shred 23 bags of tax documents from the years I was guardian for my mother, dealing with my father’s death, and other horrible events. I only did it because tomorrow is trash day and I wanted it out of my garage to make room for more important things than bad memories.

    But I’m well into a new manuscript, so tomorrow I’m back in my chair with a pot of coconut chai to keep me productive. Or Russian Caravan. Or a new blend my tea walah sent me to try called “Moroccan Madness.” Hmmm. There’s a plot in that tea somewhere…

    • Aw, you have reminded me to tend to my “dust bunnies”.

      • Either you tend to your dust bunnies or they grow up to become “the thing under the bed” and tend to YOU!

  3. Screaming children, usually, or my guilty conscience telling me it’s time to wake said children up so we can get to school/daycare/work. I like writing in the morning before work.

  4. Florida. Did someone mention Florida?? Warmth, sun? In SW Missouri we sailed along pretty well through winter until a couple weeks ago and then, “Boy, Howdy.” Snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain, snow…. That poor little piggy ‘s wing wouldn’t move an inch. BTW, that a really cute idea. I’d never seen one before.

    • It’s freezing cold here in Florida, so I suspect the pigs are grounded due to icing.

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