Posted by: selenafulton | April 20, 2013

True Beauty

I’ve always been a people watcher. When I was a kid, I used to look at couples and wonder how a really ugly man/woman was able to find such an attractive mate. As a child, I only saw the outside beauty. I would then look into the mirror and see all my “faults”. My nose was turned up. I had freckles. Or pimples. Or blue eyes instead of brown. I used to ask my mom, who I thought was the most beautiful mom in my school, “Will I ever be pretty?” She used to say, “Pretty is as pretty does.”

At the time, I sort of understood. Don’t do ugly things. Don’t lie or steal. Be a real friend if you want friends. Give to those who have less than you do. Appreciate the beauty in the world around you. But when the pretty girls at school were ugly to other people, I still didn’t see it. Didn’t understand it. The boys flocked to them. They were popular and everyone wanted to be like them.

Then as I grew older, I finally understood. True beauty is not skin deep. True beauty is what is reflected from your heart. It doesn’t matter if you think you are too fat or too skinny, too short or too tall. It doesn’t matter if you have warts, or scars, or pimples. It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, a fancy house, or the PhD behind your name. It has no bearing on how many ‘friends’ you have, online or in person.

True beauty is what is inside your soul. It’s integrity.  It is what you do, what you think and feel, even if nobody is around. It’s a heart without hate, anger or jealousy.

How can we change? Let go of the negative in your heart. Treat others with love, even in the face of adversity. Let you actions and thoughts be positive. And the most wonderful thing? It’s never too late to be beautiful.




  2. Very well said, Selena! And it’s important to remember that good old Father Time can really do a number on that outer beauty. But he can’t touch that inner beauty. That will never fade with age. 🙂

  3. If you really wanted brown eyes, that’s funny…when I was a girl, I always thought it was so boring to have brown eyes! Nice piece.

    • Thanks Amanda. I guess we’re never satisfied with what we have.

  4. What a beautiful post, Selena. Thanks for reminding us of important truths. Thank you!!

  5. Lovely. And so true! It’s easier to release the negatives in our hearts when we surround ourselves with positive people. Stay away from negative people, or you’ll start becoming negative, too.

    • You are so right, Virginia. Thanks for stopping by.

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