Posted by: selenafulton | June 13, 2013

Just keep going…

So have you ever been so absorbed in your own thoughts you hurt yourself? This evening, I walked in the door, my brain already ahead of what I wanted to do this evening. And as I closed the door behind me, OUCH! Two fingertips were caught in the door.

I was like, that hurt…that HURTS!

Never fear. This writer cannot stop writing. Even if her fingertips hurt.

But I’m an honored guest at Tara Kingston’s blog Go check out the interview.

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  1. Yes, have I ever. And that sort of thing usually happens when I’m thinking of something else, as you say, or in the second before doing something else, and in an instant–ouch! Or skinned knees!

  2. I don’t recall hurting myself due to preoccupation – I’m sure it’s happened to me, just can’t think of any examples at the moment. But what I do notice happening a lot lately is that my thoughts racing ahead to all the other things I need to do will often cause me to neglect what I am doing at the moment and I wind up doing a lousy job of it. So I either wind up with a bunch of tasks poorly done or half finished. It gets to be overwhelming so I’m working on finding ways to improve that. 🙂

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