Posted by: selenafulton | December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays!

For some reason, the holidays always sneak up on me. It’s not as if I don’t have a calendar. It’s not as if they don’t come basically the same time every year. It’s just that I get busy and … whoop… there it is.

Christmas this year was different but nice. We went to a friend’s house for dinner. After a delightful feast, we played Chinese checkers. I hadn’t played in years. We talked and laughed as we played. How delightful simple pleasures can be!

I find myself wanting to simplify my life. Everyone was busy with obtaining “stuff” and rushing around during the Christmas season, and me? I’m thinking of letting it all go and downsizing. Maybe it’s the place I’m at in life. An empty nester.

Last night, we met up with a couple who did the ultimate downsize. They LIVE on a sailboat. We picked them up at the marina to take them out to dinner. I asked if I could see inside as I’ve always been curious what the inside a sailboat is like. I was amazed how much could fit in such a tiny space. Books in cubbies. A sewing machine? I was amazed. They were a fun couple and my husband and I had a good time.

So, as 2013 draws to an end, I look back on the year and my goals. I didn’t get that contract I was hoping for … yet. I am in the middle of revisions and will finish and resubmit in January. 

Did you achieve your goals in 2013? What are your plans for the new year? 


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