Posted by: selenafulton | February 11, 2014


Limbo can be a listless place where worrisome thoughts create feelings of hopelessness and anxiety. You aren’t moving forward, or backwards. You only exist.

The key to getting out of limbo, is not to get comfortable with it. Recognize where you are, realize you still have free will and can still make choices. Some things may be beyond your control, but if you can make changes that will move you forward, act on them. Sometimes the baby steps you take are so small it’s hard to see the movement. Sometimes you might need to retrace your steps and take a different direction. Sometimes you are forced to face something you’ve avoided facing.

So when the Waiting Place seems to have you on permanant hold, when things seem hopeless, or the approach you’ve been taking is no longer working, take stock in your situation and go a different direction. If you are pushing against a brick wall, find a doorway – or a window.

Try something new, or change something old. Don’t allow Limbo to sap your strength. And if the drab days of winter are getting you down, take heart.

Spring  is coming!  




  1. For sure! Sometimes when a door closes, look for an open window!

  2. Oh, this so spoke to me this evening! Not that I felt “hopeless” exactly but I did spend a boatload of today asking myself “What’s wrong with you?” Procrastination has been reigning supreme. And that’s only because I have been letting it. And when I do that, that’s when the anxiety starts to creep in. But it’s time to kick procrastination back out to the curb. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    • Glad you’re back on track! 🙂

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