Posted by: selenafulton | March 2, 2014

What A Difference A Day Makes

What A Difference A Day Makes

We recently went up to Pennsylvania when we heard my father in law was in ICU. We left Florida in 73 degree weather. Let me tell you, driving 900 miles straight through is grueling. We went straight to the hospital.

The next day, we found this as we headed to the hospital. It was ONLY an inch of snow. ONLY.

Thankfully, my father in law is doing better. But when we heard a foot of snow was heading their way, we decided to go home. Back to sunny Florida.

It was 77 today.


  1. Oh, my, Selena! What a difference. So glad you made it there and back safely. We’re currently rounding out a day of sleet and snow. Happy March :).

    • In Florida, March came in like a lamb. Guess that means we’ll have to watch out for the ending!

  2. My husband’s parting shot as he left this a.m. was that the long range forecast for March is for continued cold. Since at the time it was 2 degrees (it got up to the low teens later in the day), I did not take this as Good News. Aren’t you glad you don’t live in Michigan? I’m glad that when your daughter moved west she stayed south, although I guess the west (including Alaska) has had a warmer than usual winter. The weather has lost its mind.

    • Yes, this weather is completely crazy. 84 degrees on Monday and today it doesn’t even make it to fifty. But take heart, the robins are making their way north, so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

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