Posted by: selenafulton | March 7, 2014



Today is a great day. My daughter’s 25th birthday is today. And it’s also the day I signed a contract offer for my first length book.

What does any of this have to do with the picture?

I love jewelry and love working with beads. Like writing, making jewelry takes Patience, Perseverence, and Practice.


The first bracelet I made took me forever. I could take it apart and redo it, but it serves as a reminder of where I started and the new place I am in my creativity. I kept at it, learning new techniques. In writing, you must also continue to practice, to learn your craft.

Perseverence: Sometimes you get the beads home, and nothing works with them. You arrange, and re-arrange. Sometimes you set them aside. Then something clicks and you have a pretty piece of jewelry. The same goes for writing. The first draft of your writing is NEVER your last draft. But if you give up after the first rejection, or the second, or…you will never be published.

Anyone who has ever been at the end of a strand and dropped everything…well, let’s say I’ve been on my hands and knees gathering beads off this floor more than once. In writing, sometimes you write yourself into a corner. Or the idea dries up. As Dory says, just keep swimming…


  1. excellent comparison!!

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