Posted by: selenafulton | June 17, 2014

Love is…paying attention to details…

When I was growing up, and maybe they still do, the newspaper used to print a little cartoon with the above caption. It would say something like Love is…taking care of her when she’s sick.

I used to cut out these sweet cartoons and tape them to my wall, or bulletin board, or cubicle. I suppose you could say I’ve always been a romantic at heart.

So when my husband developed allergies that put him into anaphylactic shock, I began an earnest campaign of making sure our food was safe. I read labels, I adjusted recipes. If it had even a smidgeon of something he was allergic to, out it went.

Imagine how I felt whenever he would eat those foods somewhere else without his epi-pen! I nearly went into a panic attack. What if he had a reaction? What if we couldn’t get him to the doctor in time? What if I lost him?

I would fuss and fume, my love for him so strong, I didn’t want anything to happen to him. Eventually, we learned to deal with his allergy, and he knew (usually) when he could eat something, and when he couldn’t.

Does someone you love have a medical condition that certain things most people deal with every day with no ill effect? How do you deal with it? Do you carelessly forget about it or is it a combined effort?

Love is…taking care of each other. For better or for worse…

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