Posted by: selenafulton | June 19, 2014

Welcome Guest Author Icy Snow Blackstone!

Welcome everyone! Today I have a guest blogger today, author Icy Snow Blackstone.

Since I will not be able to be online tomorrow until late, I am posting this today. Please take a moment and leave a comment for her.


Tuesday’s Child is a romance but it’s also a bit of a thriller and a mystery. It’s a return to a town which was the setting for Jericho Road, a story set in the South in the Vietnam era. It’s now forty years later, and Temple, Georgia, is still filled with scandals…some of them surprisingly unknown to the inhabitants.

Grace McAllister has neither seen nor heard from her father since her mother left him twenty years before. Now, Benjamin Troup McAllister is dead and Grace is invited to return to Temple for the reading of his will. She’s in for more than the culture shock of a small Southern town, however, for not only does she inherit nothing, but her father’s will also denies his paternity. Enlisting childhood friend Mayfield Donovan, Grace attempts to find her real father. As they sift through the facts of her mother’s life and the men who loved her, they uncover a tale of revenge, deception, and murder, and discover a truth neither wants to believe or accept…

Grace, who had been looking forward to meeting her half-brother and sister now finds herself completely alone. Her only ally is May Donovan, whom she’d never considered a friend at all.

As a child, May was the bully who made Grace’s life a living Hell. He knocked her down, skinned her knees, took her for a bike ride and left her to walk home alone.  As a man, he’s done an about-face. Tall, handsome, and apparently eager to help ease Grace’s pain—in any way possible—he’s there for her and ready to do whatever it takes to help her discover who her father really is.

When a friend offers to help and is nearly killed for his troubles, May and Grace go it alone, and what they find will shake the foundation of their newly-discovered love…

Distraught over the contents of her father’s will, Grace returns to her hotel where she proceeds to drown her sorrows in Tom Collinses, and that’s where May finds her…

Tuesday’s Child is available from Class Act Books.


Icy Snow Blackstone is the pseudonym of Toni V. Sweeney. She is also the author of Jericho Road, Bargain with Lucifer, Brother Devil, and Gypsy Charm, romances all set in the South. Her paranormal romance The Irish Lady’s Spanish Lover will also be released by Class Act Books later this year.

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