Posted by: selenafulton | July 5, 2014

Taking A Break

Remember the famous line on the show “Friends” where Ross exclaims, “We were taking a break?”

Nobody agreed with him.

But here I am, taking a break from writing when the first draft of Book 2 is almost finished. My critique partners are up to Chapter 9. My edits have been turned back into my editors on both the other books I’m working on.

Yes…I’m juggling edits on two books, while writing another one.

I love being an author. I really do. But I don’t know if it’s the heat, or the fact that every morning I crawl out of my bed, grab a shot of joe and turn on my computer before my eyes are even focused…or maybe it’s the late hours I’ve been working on my manuscripts in the evening…

Today, I was just tired. I found every excuse not to work today. I went shopping. I did laundry. I planned a weekend getaway. I even played mindless games of spider solitaire! One might think I’m taking a break.

But just as Rachel proved Ross wrong, I am not. My mind is constantly on my story, to the point I’m dreaming my scenes the last two nights. Maybe that’s why I’m so tired? I’m ‘working’, even in my sleep?

So, I’m blogging. I’m still writing. But I’m taking a break…



  1. Selena, you left a comment on my blog post featuring author Cheryl Dale. She would like to send you a copy of her book if you’d be interested. You did not leave any contact information. How can she reach you?

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