Posted by: selenafulton | August 8, 2014

What it means to belong

You want to hear a great story? Go to:

See these ladies? I count them as some of my very special friends. Read this blog to hear about this wonderful group I belong to. I wasn’t able to come to San Antonio this year, so I’m not in this picture, but I plan to go to NYC next year with two books published!

What does it mean to belong to such a wonderful group? On March 26, 2010, I once again nursed my wounds. I had entered a writing contest, The Golden Heart, and once again, did not final. I wasn’t alone.

It’s a tough competition, and writing is a tough occupation. You pour your heart out, working late into the night, sweating out the words in the hopes someone will not only like your book, but that you’ll sell it! The Golden Heart contest is one of many contests for romance writers.

One of my friends from my local chapter, Valerie Bowman, was also among the many writers who did not final. She began what is known as the Lalala’s and began inviting other writers. The attitude was, We will persevere! We will get published! When she invited me, I accepted. With all that positive attitude, we were sure to go far.

I really needed their camaraderie that year. My mom was diagnosed with cancer, I was unemployed, and I had every reason to be down. But my friends not only encouraged me emotionally, we critiqued each other, and I was able to tell share the news with my mom about receiving TWO contract offers that year! She was so proud. 🙂

This is yet another blog about how we all began:

I’m so glad to belong to such a wonderful support network. Love you guys! We’ve come a long way in only four years!



  1. The LaLas are the best!

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