Posted by: selenafulton | September 4, 2014



When I was a kid (shh, I’m still a big kid at heart) I loved kaleidoscopes. I loved the different shapes and colors I could see by twisting the end of the tube.

I am going through a kaleidoscope of a sorts. I will have two novels coming out soon, and I am unable to share this exciting time with my biggest cheerleader, my mom.

Whenever I’d get a rejection, she’d say, “They’re crazy.” Or, “They obviously don’t know what they’re missing.” My favorite Momism whenever I was blue or doubted myself?

“You can do it, because you’re my daughter!”

So as I grow closer to achieving my goals, after lots of hard work, revisions, and picking myself up and starting over, I am thinking of you, Mom. I am missing you, but know you are in Heaven and proud of me.

Because I’m your daughter!


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