Waiting on Spring


All winter, I’ve waited on spring, my favorite season. The cold, dark days of winter draw to end, and the riot of color tells me spring has arrived. It is a time of hope and rebirth. Even spring showers do not dampen my spirit. Everything is now shiny and new again!

This week is another sort of waiting game for me, but soon, I will know the outcome. One way or another. I finished the revisions of book 2 of my fairy tale series, and I am waiting for my beta reader to get back to me so I can send to my editor.

And Thursday, the calls and emails will go out to the finalists of the Golden Heart and RITA awards, contests put on by the Romance Writers of America. The RITA is for published authors only, and this was the first time I was eligible. So you can bet I did!

So Thursday morning, I will say a prayer for all those writers who entered both contests. It will be a grand day for some. They will receive “the call” and squeal with joy. But many others will be sad. They may cry. Get angry. Eat chocolate.

In the end, because they are writers, they will draw in a big breath, get back on their computers, and keep working.

We write…because we must.

How do you celebrate spring?