Weather Patterns


I’ve always been fascinated with the radar on the news. When the internet came along, I could sit and watch the storms drift over the area in blobs of green, yellow and red. Sometimes they lumbered along like a big aimless blob. Others seemed to pop out of nowhere.

I also noticed something different today. We had small spotty showers this afternoon. Out of boredom (and because I was procrastinating on my writing) I zoomed out, further and further, until the entire state of Florida was visible.

And I noticed something interesting.

Those spotty showers were part of a huge circular system. I could see the rotation, the heavier showers being downstate.

Much of life is like that weather pattern. If we focus on the minute, we might see just the rain, or the sun. But if we zoom out, focus on the bigger picture, we can see those little details are part of the much larger picture.

And now that I’ve procrastinated enough…I think I know which direction to take my next scene. Because I’ve take a step back to see the bigger picture.

How do you focus on the bigger picture?