Posted by: selenafulton | August 28, 2015


Hurricane season is upon us and Florida has its eye on a tropical storm named Erika. I’m not too concerned at the moment. I’ve lived here for forty years and know the routine. The forecast models show the storm could go in multiple directions. Nobody really knows at this point which way the storm will go. But it has our minds thinking about hurricane preparations, what we would do, should the storm hit Florida, and what we might take if we have to evacuate.

Years ago, when Hurricane Floyd threatened Florida, the mayor suggested the residents leave. He said he’d sent his family out of town. The storm was huge and perfectly shaped. My family decided to leave, among the thousands of other families.

The thought of evacuating gave me a perspective on what was truly important. Yes, take papers for insurance, your mortgage, birth certificates and other important papers. Pack clothing, toiletries, medicines. But what about special things? Things that can’t be replaced, period? I looked around my house, knowing I could only take what our two vehicles could hold. What couldn’t be replaced with any amount of money? I packed my photo albums, a suitcase with several days of clothing, my laptop and then put the cat in his box. My daughter and I enjoyed riding down the road listening to the radio and the cat was silent (probably thought we were taking him to the vet – LOL)

The experience put the value I place on ‘stuff’ in perspective.

If you had to twenty-four hours to leave your home and could only fill your vehicle, what items would you bring?


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