Christmas Day Old and New


Merry Christmas to all of you out there!

I think my favorite Christmas growing up was the year we walked to get our tree. In Connersville, there was a huge hill that twisted and turned and was very steep. At the bottom of that hill was a small tree stand. At the top and about a block or so away was our house. My mom, dad, brother and I walked down the hill in the snow, singing Christmas carols. The snow crunched under our feet as we made our way down the hill. We picked out a tree and the four of us carried it back up the hill.

It was a special memory I will always treasure.

I miss the big family dinners with my grandparents, my aunt and her family. That’s me peeking my head around Grandpa. (I always sat next to him.) Grandma fixed so much food you didn’t have to eat anything you didn’t like, and barely had room for everything you did like!

One year, we bought a tree that had pine cones still attached. The warmth of the house made the cones pop open. I remember laying under the tree, staring up at the Christmas lights from that unusual angle, listening to Christmas music. I salvaged those cones and still have them.

Mom was always trying to do something to make memories, and this year I wish I could give her a hug.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Treasure your family. Make memories.